Top 50 HR & Recruiting bad-asses in APAC featuring – Simon Martin

Welcome back to my series for bad-ass HR and Recruiting folk in APAC.

The bad-ass recruiter featured in this one is #10 Simon Martin.

I first met Simon when we both worked together for Madison back in the day and was impressed by him immediately. Not only was he the top biller in the whole company, but he was/is a pretty rad dude too.

I came back into contact with him again recently when Vend took on Weirdly as a part of our recruitment process. Normally I will not plug a business on my blog, but these guys bloody deserve it.

When you’re recruiting, identifying candidates with the right skills is the easy part. What’s much harder, and more important, is how they fit with your business vision and your team. That’s the difference between an awesome employee and an expensive one. Using a fun, customised quiz, Weirdly ranks candidates against your ideal ‘match’.  It automatically turns a long list into a shortlist, while also managing things like CVs, video applications and applicant photos all through a simple dashboard.

It isn’t just faster and more fun, it also gives candidates a taste of your company culture, before they’ve even applied.

You should definitely take a look and bolt it on to your recruitment process as it is one of those tools you just bloody love.

Also to my Melbourne readers Simon is in your town this week and so reach out to them if you fancy checking Weirdly out while he is there.


Anyway onto bad-ass #10


Simon, what do you do in the HR/Recruiting Scene?

Well at the moment I do two main things in that I am part of the awesome Weirdly team with a focus on sales and annoying the developers with feature requests. We help companies find out more about their candidates right from the start of the process, and make it heaps more fun for both the hirer and the candidate.

I also still source IT bods under the Talent Magnet brand and work with a range of NZ companies recruiting developers, BA’s, engineers, you name it.

Why/How did you get into the Industry?

Same old same old here, never really knew it was even a job you could do back then, but after I had completed a computer science course I wasn’t too sure about going into the industry so started looking at other options, ended up meeting an IT recruitment firm and that was that. Started as a candidate sourcing type in the UK and on from there.

What is something we don’t know about you?

I like monkeys …

I used to collect toy monkeys as a kid. Those funny little dudes are awesome.

Which people inspire you globally?

I get inspired by all sorts of people but generally people doing crazy stuff that hasn’t been done before , like that dude Felix Baumgartner…He sky dived from the edge of space….THE EDGE OF FREAKING SPACE … thats insane and must have take huge balls to get up there.


What about companies then, which inspire you globally?

Not sure on this one, so a cop out it is….. Every start-up around is inspiring. It’s damn hard work and people only see the successes out there, so any company thats trying their hardest to make it by doing something different or better gets my vote.

What advice would you give someone looking to enter this industry?

From a recruiter point of view I would say you get out what you put in, work hard and you’ll get the rewards. Its not rocket science at the end of the day, but there are lots of things you do in a day that become second nature so you need to pick these little things up along the way.

What is your favourite drink?

At the moment its black coffee, and lots of it.

What are you currently reading?

“Gangsta Granny” (David Walliams) My son and I are getting through that one at the moment, pretty tense stuff.

And I need to finish “Zero to One” by  Peter Thiel.

Why do you love the HR and Recruiting industry?

I love the fact that you get to deal with people from all walks of life and helping people to get somewhere. From a recruitment stand point its awesome to be able to help someone get a job they really love.

And from Weirdly side of things, its been a crazy last year but when I hear people say they literally couldn’t imagine doing their recruitment job without using Weirdly (Vanessa Payne, legend), and seeing tweets from candidates who have loved applying for a job through Weirdly, (people just enjoying applying for a job, I mean who’s ever enjoyed that bit of the process) its just amazing and blows me away every time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 5.00.00 pm

Who would be top 5 on your list?

Top 5 is hard, but here goes.

Dale Clareburt (Obviously) I see her work her butt off every day and do amazing things.

Kirsti Grant – To see someone rise up through the industry to being as highly thought of as she is in such a short time is amazing

Daniel Glyn-Jones – My first Manager in recruitment in the UK and now has is own boutique search firm we still talk and he was and still is one of the hardest working and most dedicated people i’ve ever met.

I’ll round it out with Hugh Lloyd from Lloyd Exec and Brandon Gallagher from Global Attract those boys are top-notch recruiters and always having “the best month ever”! 🙂

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