Why your recruiting is just plain…….. LAZY

I take a moment out of my blog series for something that I think needs to be said.

Your recruitment strategy is archaic and lazy…
IMG_3780                                                                                   Shots Fired

I have had a lot of conversations over the last few months and lot’s of people have called or e-mailed to ‘pick my brain’ which is a saying I hate every time I read it, but I am always happy to help. Usually the call goes like this:

Recruiter: “What job boards are you using?”

Troy: “None.”

Recruiter: “What? Then how do you find candidates?”

Troy: “I source them”

Recruiter: “Yeah, but how do you find the time?”

Troy: “I am not rejecting 100’s of applicants from job boards so I have time!”

Recruiter: o_O


Now, I am not saying that job boards are crap and you should not use them. What I am saying is that if you want to truly attract the best talent, you should not just write an ad and stick it up on a job board and hope…..

You are probably reading this now and thinking, yeah but we fill jobs through boards and I get some good candidates on them sometimes.

Well that is probably right and you get lucky sometimes

but you are being just plain lazy……

Since going internal I have not filled one role from job boards and I am filling all my roles without going to other mediums (including agency.)


Well I am working my damn ass off to find the right candidates online and then I use x-ray search to find their contact details and then I call or e-mail them. I don’t want to reject 100’s of applicants that are wrong, so I find the ones that look right and speak to them.


There is so much more I do and that you can do to engage and attract candidates, though for all you recruiters just posting and praying please get in the sourcing game.

What I say in the call or e-mail is quite relevant too and I will be covering this in my talk at IT18 and so will post afterwards.

So, stop being lazy and go out and find the right candidates. 


I challenge you right now to actually source ALL your candidates, and two things will happen.

  1. You will be screening 60% less candidates
  2. The candidates you now screen will be 100% more suitable

As always if you want some tips and help on sourcing, then I am happy to help point you in the right direction or let you know what I am doing if it helps.


6 thoughts on “Why your recruiting is just plain…….. LAZY

  1. A great article Troy – and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed. Couple of questions for you.

    1) How much is your sourcing assisted by having an employer brand that people want to work for? By this I mean, if you were sourcing for a less attractive brand, do you think it would be harder to attract candidates?

    2) Are the type of roles you are searching for sourced well via linkedin and social compared to other roles? For example are sales people, devs etc “easier” to find on LI, github etc as opposed to customer service or other roles?


    1. Hey Dan,

      A1: Brand definitely helps, but when I recruit in countries who don’t know the brand I am sourcing for; the story I tell in my email/call is the way I get to them.
      A2: Yes I use different mediums for roles, sales people easier to find on LI and devs from a variety of places like LI, stack overflow, guthub, facebook and twitter to name a few.

      Happy sourcing in your new role mate.

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  2. Can’t agree more.

    Any given day there are a dozen ads for the same role. What value does this add for a client? To make things worse, the spelling mistakes and useless motherhood statements are poured through them thicker than gravy on an overcooked roast.

    Right up there on the ” what grinds my gears” list.


  3. So instead of the old one size fits all approach you are recommending the new and improved one size fits all approach.


    1. I am not sure there is ever a one size fits all approach. My theory is that we should not waste our time with people who are not right and only engage with candidates who are. I don’t use job boards for that reason, but will always try anything that is working.


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